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commented 2017-12-18 10:14:17 -0800
I work in DTLA & am interested in possible Volunteer opportunities
commented 2017-11-02 21:06:42 -0700
commented 2017-11-02 14:44:23 -0700

My name is Sara Coello; I’m a senior sociology student at the University of Dallas working on a thesis on degendered ethnic terms. I have a short anonymous survey for Latinx LGBTQ people that I am trying to spread to as many as possible. Would it be possible to share this through your social media platforms?

This is the survey:

Thank you,

Sara Coello

[email protected]
commented 2017-10-12 12:49:34 -0700
commented 2017-10-11 13:54:10 -0700

My name is Karina Lira. I am a senior at the Cal State University of Northridge. I would like to ask a couple of questions via email if that’s the easiest to your organization. This questionnaire is for one of my journalism classes; they want us to seek organizations/agencies that help the Latino & Hispanic community.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

commented 2017-08-22 13:17:56 -0700

lgbtq+, women & minorities in film

a short film for representation, opportunities & diversity


Thank you for your time. My name is Xiomara Bernard. I am the director for Theophilus Films’ third short film called BLACKOUT. This will be our first lgbtq+ genre and is a story about giving respect back to Love. We have leading actors, producers and several crew members who are gay and bisexual.

We are investing on our end as well and starting production in a few weeks (weekend of Sept 23/24). Our challenge are permits, locations, insurance and additional equipment. which is why we started fundraising and pushing to hit goal.

We’ve managed to talk to everyone we knew via person and via social media. Our next step is to push out of the box and reach outward.

We want to reach out to individuals, groups, organizations and communities who we feel would resonate with our story and contribute to make this a reality. We have lgbtq+, female & an international cast & crew who are ready to go. Would you be able to aide us through contribution, sharing our campaign below on the community board, or blast an email to your members? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time. Have a beautiful day.

With Gratitude, Love & Light,


director, writer & producer of BLACKOUT

c/o Theophilus Films

Head of Production
commented 2017-08-06 08:19:11 -0700
Need help with my husband’s immigration situation. We need counseling and legal assistance
commented 2017-05-13 07:42:12 -0700
Hi, I would like to volunteer in any aspect I can be useful. Being an inmigrant, latino and victim of bullying on the past , i would like to help as much as I can. Thank you
commented 2017-05-04 09:30:26 -0700
commented 2016-11-27 00:35:32 -0800
Hi my name is Martin Medrano I was born Samoan raised Latino in Boyle Heights I have worked in the gay scene for over 25 years as Ms. Martin I have been looking for something purposefully in my life I believe you can help me with that thank you God bless
commented 2016-11-09 21:19:03 -0800
Hi, My name is Lauren McDermott. I would like to volunteer my time any way possible.
In my past, I have been highly active in the immigrant, refugee, and latin@ community. I not only worked help relocating refugees, but I also interned with The Walt Disney Company in their immigration department. Before my time with Disney, I worked with a nonprofit called Centro Latino in Columbia Mo. There I worked to assist the underserved and underrepresented in health and wellness programs while focusing on an afterschool program for the children in the area. I would like to continue to be an ally to those in this community, especially during this time of turmoil. Please let me know what I can do to assist.
commented 2016-09-08 22:19:32 -0700
commented 2016-06-30 15:39:38 -0700
I would like more information about what you all do in your Organization.
commented 2016-06-19 10:28:02 -0700
followed this page 2016-06-16 00:34:05 -0700
commented 2016-06-02 23:13:35 -0700
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